Romagna Tech brings the best skills
and resources together to foster growth,
competitiveness and innovation.


Industrial research lab

An authentic Industrial Research Lab,
approved by the Emilia-Romagna Region,
specializing in ICT and Mechanics.
Here, high-performing innovative technological
solutions are devised and developed.


Incubation and Mentorship

An innovative growth pattern for business,
based on a business model including
all the relevant feasibility check procedures.
This growth model is drawn up as a step
by tool to guide you at all times.


Innovation centre

An accredited centre to foster interactions
between research and businesses thanks to
controllable functional models.
Training, guidance and development focused
on innovation and growth.


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Insight, creativity, passion, expertise and method are our keywords. Discussing and sharing our views leads to the generation of ideas and operational solutions that meet our customers’ needs and wishes in terms of progress. We manage flows of information about innovation and technology in order to formulate development plans resulting in the implementation of concrete products. Thanks to our qualified staff, we create value for businesses and for the territory - and this is exactly what we mean by innovation.


Knowledge and expertise are useful resources that we can make available, but in order to develop innovative ideas and to create business it is also vital to nurture the relationships already established. This is why our team is committed to building a relationship of trust with all customers, one which is based on cooperation, professionalism, compliance to time and budget, assignment of intellectual property. Therefore, our clients can always rely on us for any need that will be met to the utmost of our capacity.


Creativity and growth go hand in hand: through creative ideas you can innovate, though innovation you can increase your performance. We support businesses in developing and implementing technological innovation to create new products and services that can be brought to market, so as to create wealth and stimulate rapid growth. We aim at disseminating the culture and value of innovation as a driver for the development of a business cluster that is committed to efficient and sustainable productivity growth.


We help turning an idea into an effective business, thus accelerating growth and enhancing the likely success of business initiatives. We also contribute to the assessment and management of the risks that can occur during the start-up phase. Besides fully equipped incubation space, we provide high value-added qualified services to assist you throughout the process of developing a business idea.


We bring together skills and know-how built up over the years, we undertake to find solutions to the needs and visions that our customers will share with us. Thanks to long-lasting relations with the main knowledge centres, we create opportunities for contact and interaction between business, research centres and institutions, innovative system and technology developers to identify new opportunities, new projects and new resources tailor-made to our customers’ needs.


We associate local businesses, public bodies, institutions, foundations, trade associations. That’s where we start from to capitalize on the skills and know-how of the local excellence in different intervention areas, and subsequently to promote them externally and complement them with potential, relations and opportunities. For this reason, we work in cooperation with many local organizations, constantly turning our gaze to the world around us.

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