Innovation Center

Innovation Center

Romagna Tech S.C.p.A. is an Innovation Centre recognized by the Emilia-Romagna Region. We operate to promote innovation and foster interactions between research, businesses and local agencies.

Romagna Tech main activities are intended to provide advances services, information and assistance to develop innovation by relying on a network of expertise found on the regional territory as well as at national and European level.


Our services:

  • Technology Scouting

  • Tecnology and patent monitoring activities aimed at disseminating the latest technology available, at protecting and enhancing business intangible through the analysis of open innovation database and platforms.

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Monitoring activity specifically focused on patents issued by our customers’ competitors, identifying their development trends, mapping the competitive reference area, setting benchmarks. Particularly useful information when companies are involved in R&D projects, production diversification, licensing decisions, takeovers.

  • Technical insight

  • Workshops and seminar held on crosscutting issues (e.g. creativity, protection of intellectual property, methods to stimulate innovation) as well as specific technological areas, (e.g. predictive maintenance, nutraceuticals, biodegradable packaging, electric mobility, green building, eco-innovation), complemented with visits to factories and research centres.

  • Fundraising for innovation, product design and management

  • Support to businesses, local authorities, research centres to access public European/national/regional/local funds dedicated to innovation, research, development. We can assist you throughout the process: analysis of needs, customer compliance to tenders’ requirements, partner search, business planning, budgeting, set-up, management and reporting.

  • Local Marketing an Networking for Innovation

  • Affiliation to several networks at regional, national and European level in order to draw upon skills that are not available locally and to make contact with highly qualified partners in different areas of interest; managements of foreign delegations meetings and visits to the local centres of excellence.