Industrial Research Lab

Industrial Research Laboratory

Romagna Tech S.C.p.A. is an Industrial Research Laboratory accredited by the Emilia-Romagna Region, specializing in ICT and Mechanics.

We design and deliver high-performing innovative technological solutions. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to support businesses in turning innovative ideas into new products.

We design and deliver prototypes, all the way up to product engineering and industrialization.

Thanks to our working method, we have carried out more than 150 unique projects in different sectors, from textile to industrial automation, from agri-food to public water management, from electric mobility to logistics.

Professionalism, compliance to time and budget, assignment of intellectual property are key elements of our job.


Our services:

  • Process Analysis

  • Implementing a sound method to identify the main outputs (products, services, information, rules, procedures, principles, regulations) of a specific business in order to retrieve the processes which led to their creation.

  • Concept Generation

  • Generating innovative process and product ideas using a specific method. These ideas are subsequently finalized and applied to alternative scenarios and contexts in order to assess their cost and market potential.

  • Design

  • Technical and functional design activities aimed at the implementation of projects at prototype as well as product level. Our staff carry out the design of all mechanical, electric/electronic and firmware/software component.

  • Prototyping

  • The actual output of a project solution. The prototyping phase allows to have quick feedback on the project, to test and validate alternative solutions before moving to the subsequent engineering phase.

  • Engineering and Industrialization

  • The process of turning a prototype into a product; it is characterized by project review activities on technical, functional, appearance and implementation aspects aimed at optimizing the chose solution in terms of reproducibility, maintenance and reliability.

  • Project Management

  • A fundamental activity to manage complex projects, carried out by appointing a project manager who is in charge of the fulfilment of the project goals and ensures compliance with budget, time and quality agreed upon and, most importantly, full customer satisfaction.

  • On-Demand Research and Development

  • Based on the analysis of technology and market trends in benchmark areas for a specific business, we identify with customers possible ideas and solutions which are discusses and further studies with corporate management before moving to the industrialization of the selected idea.