Romagna Tech S.C.p.A. guides innovative business promoters into a very diverse process, offering services that range from developing a business model and assessing a business project sustainability to assisting a new business in their first years of activity.

We run 2 incubators, Torricelli in Faenza and U-Start in Lugo, promoted by the Municipality of Faenza and Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna (Consortium of Municipalities in Bassa Romagna), respectively. Besides the start-ups housed in the incubators, we assist many other businesses with a “virtual” approach, i.e. offering on-demand services.

Integration with the Lab area also allows to provide start-ups with specialized technological services in their areas of expertise, in order to foster business development.

Our services:

  • Business planning e management

  • Initial overview of your business formula. Support in laying down your business model. Business plan drafting: target market, supply system and structure. Economic, financial and break-even forecasts.

  • Marketing and Communication

  •  Sector-specific database analyses; specialized reports and studies on reference markets. Marketing plan drafting; quali-quantitative analyses of sales potential; communication and promotion strategies study and planning. Digital Marketing, New Media, Social and Mobile.

  • Fundraising

  • Structured information on how to access easy term loans. Targeted monitoring and assistance to access EU, national and regional calls for tenders and funding sources. Support for crowdfunding campaigns. Contact with financial partners, venture capital and investment funds.

  • Intellectual Property

  • Patent information and protection; document search. Analysis of tools and methods for intellectual property protection. Support to develop patent economic exploitation strategies.

  • Networking with Venture Capital and Business Partners

  • Business approaching services; start-up – industry synergy. Meetings and contacts with industrial and financial world aimed at identifying the first clients and investors who may be interested in funding your project idea.

  • Organization and Production

  • Advanced technical and scientific services to develop your new product/process/service. Support to identify and analyse the necessary functions and resources for business start-up.

  • Fully equipped facilities

  • Exclusive use of offices, laboratories and production premises to house both new digital and product businesses.


A space to foster excellence

The Torricelli Business Incubator is aimed at fostering the growth of new business ideas and innovative start-ups thanks to an extensive offer of spaces, infrastructures, services, guidance and cooperation with other players within the Research and Innovation cluster of Faenza: CNR, ENEA, University, Advanced Training, research spin-offs and other incubated businesses.

The incubator was created at the initiative of the municipality of Faenza and the Amleto Bertoni Foundation, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and it is run by Romagna Tech.

Thanks to its modularity, the incubator – a modern structure built using environmental-friendly materials and solutions – is designed as a multi-purpose space which is perfectly suitable for both start-ups in the digital, service and knowledge economy sectors, and FabLabs, digital makers and laboratories. It consists of three modules of 2,300 sq. metres each that can house new businesses, offices, laboratories and training facilities, totalling 11 offices, 15 labs, 1 multimedia meeting room, 3 server rooms and a warehouse.

Currently incubated start-ups:


Innovative biotech start-up that improves the quality of experimental models used in biological laboratories focusing in particular on cell-culture technology. ReMembrane’s products are intended to standardise the membranes of cells in culture, in order to create more reliable experimental models that are closer to the corresponding in-vivo tissues, and to obtain major scientific and financial benefits from cell cultures.


GreenBone Ortho srl is a newco established in 2014 thanks to successful fund-raising through venture capital. GreenBone aims at becoming the global leader for biomimicry, offering innovative user-friendly solutions derived from the biological mechanisms that can be found in nature for the treatment of serious diseases. GreenBone is currently developing a highly innovative technology for artificial replacement bones out of wood – therefore resorbable by the human body – which are particularly suitable in case of compound fracture, a serious high morbidity condition.

  • Leggi l’intervista al fondatore
  • 3 milioni di euro per la Startup faentina Greenbone

APS Srl is an Italian-owned technology firm with over ten year’s experience in the field of dermatology. They have invested in technological research and development to finalize a one-of-a-kind patented device, called APS, that can effectively meet the aesthetic needs of women and men.

Eutronica Srl

Eutronica Srl a new-entry in the Torricelli incubator. It is an innovative start-up based in Faenza that develops solutions, products and services for the robotic industry. Their current flagship product is a low-cost robot that allows to achieve lean production in both complex organizations and SMEs.


A project involving the implementation of a fluid, edible film applicable to foodstuffs by dipping or spraying in order to extend their shelf life and ensure control.


AdapTronics makes logistics more sustainable on Earth and in Space by unlocking unprecedented robotic gripping capabilities on objects of all shapes, sizes and materials. We invented a thin-film technology with sensor capabilities that becomes adhesive when electrically activated, capable of lifting up to 50 kg with two patches as small as credit cards, and whose overall gripping force can be scaled by simply increasing the total surface. All of this is delivered with a system that is very light (without magnets or compressors), versatile and with minimal energy consumption.
We respond to the strong need for automated and efficient robotic systems for gripping and handling objects in a wide range of markets, such as industrial automation, last-mile delivery with autonomous robots, automated fruit picking, space debris removal and in-orbit services to satellites.
After having validated our technology for terrestrial use in the laboratory (TRL 5), we are in the product/market fit phase through Proof-of-Concept projects with companies, with two pilot projects for industrial logistics already underway and others being defined for Space applications through our incubation by the European Space Agency.


AGReen Service aims to revolutionize agriculture by introducing an innovative solution that integrates generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Decision Support System (DSS).
Utilizing a network of advanced IoT sensors spread across fields to collect real-time data on soil quality, temperature, humidity, moisture, and other key parameters. Through the use of sophisticated GenAI algorithms that identify patterns and trends, we can provide highly precise predictive information.
Our DSS can predict optimal conditions for crop development and proactively anticipate potential risks such as diseases (fungal and insect infestations). This personalized approach enables producers to make informed and timely decisions, optimizing agricultural activities, reducing or eliminating waste, minimizing the consumption of natural resources, and maximizing yield.


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer Vision applications on low-power devices presents significant challenges. Traditional AI models are often oversized, requiring substantial computational resources and energy. Focoos AI provides a cutting-edge software that, based on customer requirements for the application, hardware, and data, automatically designs and trains customized optimized neural networks, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, reducing labor-intensive tasks, and minimizing human errors. This technology significantly reduces energy consumption, improves operational efficiency, and enables AI and real-time data processing directly on the devices themselves.


2NDSPACE is a New Space Economy company offering innovative nano-satellites and space systems, focusing on short lead times. On the one hand, there are satellite technology-based service companies, which have planned to launch numerous satellite constellations. On the other hand, there are launchers that provide access to space on a daily basis and at low rates. In between, there is the market need for reliable satellite platforms in a short time frame, and 2NDSPACE aims to fill this gap.


BORAG S.R.L. Società tra Professionisti aims to shape the future of administrative, accounting, legal, and technical professions with its advanced AI solutions. Distinguished by its innovative approach, the startup offers tools that significantly enhance the efficiency and precision of professionals. Their AI platform, the result of years of intensive research, provides personalized services that perfectly match individual needs, marking a significant advancement in the field and setting new standards for quality and speed in professional practice processing.


New energies for the territory

The U-Start business incubator in Lugo was created in 2003 to foster the development of new businesses in the advanced tertiary sector, providing would-be entrepreneurs and start-uppers with expertise, network and services in order to turn innovative ideas into effective projects.

Promoted by Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna (Consortium of Municipalities in Bassa Romagna) and run by Romagna Tech, this Incubator covers a global area of 250 square metres consisting of 5 modules of different size and equipped to house new businesses.

Currently incubated start-ups:

Improovo Srl

Improovo Srl: The web platform where business training supply matches demand.

Software solutions for the exhibition sector, in particular for on-line multimedia catalogues accessible from any platform that can integrate multiple levels of information.